Daniel Dufour

Personal Website


I was born in raised in sunny San Diego, California. My heart will always be in San Diego, but I love exploring the world and experiencing new cultures. I have lived in Amman, Berkeley, Cairo, DC, Tampa and have traveled extensively through China and Spain.


I love tech and I'm always working on projects that can help out.


Here's some theories I have developed through my experience:

  • The quality of food is poorly connected to the price of food.
  • The best food tends to be further away from tourist centers.
  • The closer you get to the ocean the more expensive the land with a big exception in Valencia, Spain.

Work History

I have thoroughly enjoyed every job I've had.

  • Lead Front-End Developer of code.gov
  • Lead Developer of the Global Agriculture Disaster Assessment System
  • Refugee Resettlement Team Manager at Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego
  • Python Developer at Media Thirst
  • Author at Georgetown University
  • Fellow at MapStory
  • Web Developer at Georgetown University
  • GIS Intern at the American Red Cross
  • Summer Intern at the U.S. House of Representatives


I have written a lot from a 50-page history thesis to short blog posts. Here's a short list of my writings:

Open-Source Code

I have actively contributed to the open source community and seek projects that will have a positive impact.


In addition to the written word, I have created a lot of maps while always trying to make the next one more beautiful and more informative than the last. Here's a short list of my maps:

Citizen Time

A mentor once used the phrase "citizen time" to refer to free time and the idea stuck. Here are a list of some of my activities:

Past Engagements:

  • English Instructor to Refugees
  • Mentor to Refugee Youth
  • Content Curator at USIP PeaceMedia Project
  • Mediator at National Conflict Resolution Center

Cool Websites

Here's a list of websites that I'm digging:



Shoot me an email at daniel.j.dufour@gmail.com.